Trianon Palace

Sometimes my best friend/room mate/boyfriend lets me tag along for work. And in late June he did just that! This trip brought us to France (more specifically Versailles) for the Open De France.

Versailles is a beautiful French town with plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping, sight seeing and strolls around town.

While in Versailles we stayed at the beautiful Trianon Palace.

It was absolutely gorgeous and has an incredible history I'll brief you on below, but I encourage you to read on their page here!

As promised a very condensed history on this hotel.

• It's grand opening was on May 1, 1910.

• It was used as an auxiliary hospital for WWI

• It reopened and resumed its role as a grand hotel in 1916. Once again becoming a favorite country retreat for the world’s rich and famous like John Rockefeller Junior and Paul Getty.

• In WWII (1939) the Trianon Palace Hotel was once against used by the Army, this time becoming headquarters of the Luftwaffe on the orders of Marshal Goering. American forces occupied the hotel in their turn, in 1944; within its walls the leading allied generals – de Gaulle, Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and Montgomery – took the major decisions, which shaped our geopolitical map today.

• In 1946 world peace brought the famous people back to the restored and renovated hotel - people like Prince Aga-Khan, Queen Elizabeth II, the King of Morocco and King Hussein of Jordan stayed that year.

• More recently it was remodeled once again in 1990 and joined the Waldorf Astoria hotel chain.

Additional facts completely made up by me:

• This hotel is clearly home to the smallest elevators known to man

• And it's garden was just MADE to do yoga in.

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