After 2 days too little in Santorini it was already time to head to Athens.

We left early in the morning to meet with Corey & Patric in Athens - two of my closest friends from college. Patric plays for the Olympiacos Piraeus and was out of town the day we landed so Corey being the saint he is picked us up and acted as our Photographer. THANK YOU COREY!

There are few places on this planet more beautiful than Athens. Well, maybe beautiful is the wrong word...but interesting and captivating might be better suited.

Our first day we went to explore the city - which #TravelTip for you - is FILLED with cars. Parking was extremely difficult to do as parking spots were incredibly difficult to find.

We spent the day checking out only the most touristy of activities, like watching the guards do-their-damn-thing (also known more commonly as the "Changing of the Guards") outside of the Presidential Mansion and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is off Syntagma Square below the Hellenic Parliament.

We didn't get to see the Ruins of Acropolis as it was closed on our first day in the city so here's an insider tip for you #TRAVELTIP basics: Check the hours of operation for any and all tourist attractions you've got your heart set on seeing.

We were however able to see the Arch of Hadrian. The arch itself is made entirely of Pentelic marble from Mount Pentelikon and it's been proposed that it was built to honor the Roman Emperor, Hadrian as well as celebrate his arrival. The estimated date of this little ol' Arch? 131 or 132 AD. No biggie.

We wrapped up our Day one Athens adventure with an absolutely gorgeous sunset on the ride home. A day like this is considered a huge success in my book.

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