A #FlashBackFriday travel post from November 2015's trip to Dubai Dubai!! What a time to be alive.

The flight from Athens (with a layover in Istanbul) into Dubai was what nightmares are made of - none of us slept. We thought we would maximize our time by flying all night...

The only problem(s) was(were) our flight was more turbulent than a LeBron James decision, we had a layover halfway there (how rude?) and when we landed at 8am our hotel wasn't we spent the 2-3 hours waiting for our room falling asleep by our hotels pool.

(Note To Self: avoid red eyes over seas - especially ones with layovers)

After we slept off the lag....we got ourselves in gear. We headed out to the mall to meet up with a friend for site seeing, the burj khalifa and dinner.

The mall was the most insane thing I had ever seen - it was huge.... So huge in fact that inside it there is a 10-million lire aquarium tank.

No big deal, just one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world.

++++++++++INSTERT VIDEO????++++++

After our brief walk around the mall, we explored the surrounding area....

And made our way to the Burj Khalifa....which is also HUGE.

If you're familiar with the Trump in Chicago, it is like a Trump Tower on more steroids than Barry Bonds.

The view looking down was equally as impressive as look up....

And our exhausting day finished off with some prime time eats....

This king-like meal was followed by some intense sleeping.

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