Please Excuse the Hiatus

Hey all,

So sorry for the brief hiatus - I've been in the process of moving 1,380 miles south of Chicago. That's right, I'm back in the sunshine state!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work, live and play in the city of Chicago the past 2 years but I had a decision to make and at the end of the day I decided the right choice was the one that brought me closer to my family.

Speaking of that family...I really need to take a moment to thank my incredible mother for all her help. She's an absolute rockstar. She took an entire week off of work to help me organize, pack, load my 32 boxes into a moving van, move my 32 boxes OUT of that same moving van and into a Fedex to ship out. So yeah, she's superwoman. It will NEVER be enough but.....thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you (and a thousand more times, thank you!!!!) mom.

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