S A N T Ö R I N I - Day 1

Last November my 3 best girlfriends and I took the trip of a lifetime and dubbed it the trip of #4Girls3Destinations (which later turned into 4 destinations - but I digress). In honor of the trips 1 year anniversary, Here are some of my favorite memories & photos from the trip.

We landed in Athens late Friday evening and woke up at 5am the next morning to catch a flight to Santorini. We flew RYANAIR for a short easy trip to the heavenly island that is Santorini.

Flying in we saw the most ridiculously beautiful sites I've ever seen....blue waters, lush green grasses and patches of beautiful white houses. It was like something out of a DREAM!

TIP 1: Bring comfortable shoes!!!!

I highly recommend sneakers or comfy sandals if you find yourself in Santorini. Although it is a relatively small island, there are 9,000,000,374 steps (at least according to my calculations)... *Note: My calculations came from the amount of pain my quads and gluteus felt after each day.

We stayed at the Dana Villas - a gorgeous space. 3 beds (2 twins, 1 queen) 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and gorgeous porch.

We spent the day exploring Oia and the market there, taking in the beautiful views and shopping for souvenirs.

We stopped for lunch at a local spot and one of the many stray cats popped up to say hello and ended up on my lap (ops).

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