OOTD: Your new GameDay Go-To!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to your new favorite GameDay outfit!

"The Betty"

And I'd like to follow that by saying you're so very welcome.

Look, college football is less than three Saturday's away...

That leaves plenty of time to go place your order at JaneHudson.us and get one!

JaneHudson is a brand new clothing company that mixes together spirit & style with luxury & basics. They work with top of the line fabric suppliers that also supply brands like Mara Hoffman & Eileen Fisher among others.

Kristin Celano is the brand's creator, CEO, designer, a Gator Grad and full time rockstar. She literally quit her day job to follow her passion and her dreams. Two years later her brain child that is JaneHudson became a reality....and I am inspired by that level of dedication and bravery! (and quite honestly so happy she did it because of my obsession with her clothing designs)

Here are some GameDay vs Evening Out side by side looks for "The Betty" with plenty more to follow! Make sure you stay tuned to see the video review as well! It comes out Monday August 22nd!

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