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One of my closest Chicago girlfriends Caz-Marie is just a phenomenal cook. She's one of those friends who seems to throw some damn Rachel Ray looking dish together in 5 mins as you're scratching your head looking in your cabinets trying to figure out what you can make out of some ramen noodles, crackers and nutella.

It's been one of my goals to learn how to make a couple staple I called upon Caz for some major mentoring. I found a stir fry that looked delicious, healthy and most importantly EASY to cook up.

The dish is a Chicken Asparagus Sweet Potato Stir Fry and it's my new favorite thing ever. Before I post the video blog with the cooking shenanigans I wanted to share the recipe & directions with you guys! What you need:

• Chicken Breast(s) - we used 3

• Sweet Potatoe(s) - we used 1 very large one

• Asparagus - we used 1 bundle

• Minced Garlic

• Chicken Broth

• Salt

• Pepper

Prep Time:

• 5-10 mins

Cooking Time:

• 25-30 mins


Prep: Cut the chicken into small bite-sized pieces. You want it to cook through nice & easy (and fairly quick). Wash, peel and chop up the sweet potato into pieces as small as the chicken (or smaller - all preference). Wash and cut up the Asparagus.

Cooking: I would recommend first cooking up the chicken. We sautéd it and added the chicken broth for a little flavor. We then added some salt, pepper and minced garlic (3 cloves if you're doing it fresh). If you like things a little spicier you can add some cayenne pepper or red chili flakes. Then start on the sweet potato, because it takes a bit more time to cook than the asparagus. We added a little oil to the pan to prevent any sticking and sautéd away. We sprinkled the tiniest bit of brown sugar on the potatoes as well, giving it the littlest bit of sweetness. After the sweet potato was cooked to our liking, we started on the asparagus. The asparagus took almost no time at all (again cook to your liking - crunchier asparagus = less time cooking).

Mix it all together and heat it all up in 1 skillet & serve! Voilà!!

Helpful Hints & Post Cooking Thoughts:

• First of all, holy sh*t I can't get over how easy this dish was

• If you're a fan of asian stir-fry this is so easily transformed into an asian sensation with a little soy sauce teriyaki

• Although you can make this dish with limited kitchen supplies and utensils (as seen in our VLOG) I suggest you have at least 3 pans available - it will make life so so so much easier.

• Note: the sweet potatoes were tricky. If you don't cook them enough they're very hard....if you cook them TOO much they will become a bit mashed when you stir them in with everything else. Just something to keep in mind. Luckily I had Caz there to monitor the situation and cook them to absolute perfection.

I want to give credit where credit is due. I found this recipe on!

& Thank you Chef Caz for your guidance here!

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