#OOTD: ZulaHome

I am so excited to introduce you to the "Crochet Chelsea Top" (with a Lacy Apron).

This beauty was handmade by the lovely Jude Shapira!

I found out about her Etsy shop Zula Home and Candle on Instagram.

Shocking, I know! Another awesome Instagram find!!!!

I absolutely love love love my top. I asked for a little extra coverage along the bottom (hence the "lacy apron")...to feel a little more comfortable & covered when I wear it to my yoga classes.

But if you wanted even more or less coverage, you're in luck! Her crochet products are handmade and customized just for you. They're made of 100% Pima cotton - which is also known as extra-long staple cotton because it is cultivated to have extra-long stale fibers. Basically this cotton is usually associated with high quality products.

All of ZulaHome's tops are made to order in any single or combination color you can dream up! You can wear these bad boys in the water, to do your yoga or even as an everyday or festival crop top!

The quality, fabric and way it made me feel was AMAZING! I'd highly recommend checking out her website and seeing what other beautiful products she creates.

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