Hallow + Plank Active Wear Review

I've had an Instagram account for a long time now, but I've recently started using it in a whole new way....to SHOP!

I'll search certain hashtags or locations depending on what I'm looking for....and I have found some really wonderful small businesses this way!

Hallow + Plank is one of those wonderful small businesses. They are an amazing active wear company I stumbled across one day. I'm becoming quite the fan of these new small businesses and start ups. We all have LuluLemon yoga gear....but how many of us have Hallow+Plank?

Well, now that you know about them, you should!! (and you can save 10% since you're reading this by clicking here)

The material is soft, stretchy, breathable and the quality is through the roof. It's like one of those gems you find at your local yoga shop - but available online and ships world wide! You can watch my Video Blog review on Hallow + Plank here for a better - in motion look at my new favorite active wear shop.

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