Phuket, lets go.

I am lucky enough to have a pretty cool boyfriend (but don't tell him that - it'll go straight to his head).

Anyway, it was his idea to getaway to Phuket together on a week we both had time off work - I'm glad I agreed because it turned out to be the best trip of my whole life (so far)!

He was in Australia for work so I flew Emirate Airways to meet up with him in Perth. It was a long flight and I was only in Perth for approx. 12 hours before we took off on Thai Airways to leave for Phuket....but it was so worth it.

The airport was great and we made a vital purchase while walking to our gate, a boomerang!! Little did we know how entertaining (and challenging) it would be.

Flying in the view was gorgeous and we spent a our entire trip staying at the Banyan Tree Resort off Bang Tao Bay. It was the most relaxing place I had ever been.

When we weren't busy exploring the resort, swimming in its pools or playing boomerang (and failing at it) on the beach....we rode an elephant named Cindi and horses on the beach...

We also took a tour of several Thai islands including one that was named "Paradise" - and I promise you the name fit just perfectly...

The week came to a close far too quickly...

But the good news is we've got our whole lives to explore some more!


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