About me

My name is Chelsea Gates. Born and raised in South Florida but always looking for adventure on every corner of this planet. I started my career in sports broadcasting as a junior in college. There are very few things that get me as pumped up as overtimes, buzzerbeaters, hail mary's or Florida Gator Football. However, there are a number of things I love and am equally passionate about. I've always treasured those moments that take you by surprise or take your breath away. I love the unexpected. I love seeing the world, meeting people, experiencing different cultures and making people smile. Although being a sports reporter is what pays my bills...inspiring people, educating people (as well as myself) and fashion also drive me! After numerous questions about my travels, about my work (and play), wardrobe and constant pestering from friends and family (hi Cameron, hi Lexa) about vlogging...here we are: Chasing Chelsea where you can now chase me to my favorite shops, follow me to my exotic (or #basic) destinations, watch me as I video blog random adventures and so much more. 


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